Our mission

Practical experience and further development for students

The mission of ESB Student Consulting e. V. is based on two pillars. On the one hand, students from all faculties are given the opportunity to gain practical experience through real consulting projects. On the other hand, each individual is supported in his or her further development by allowing each member to prove and improve their soft and hard skills.

Our values

Our structure

We work on external corporate projects as well as on the internal development of the club in the departments.


Lead & Account Management

As the first point of contact for interested companies, this department deals with project acquisition and customer relationship management, among many other things.

Finance & Legal

The task of this department is the financial and legal administration of the club. This includes, for example, the control of income and expenditure as well as the handling of donations.

Business Improvement & IT

This department focuses on the proper functioning of internal and external processes and the management of the IT infrastructure. In addition, the student consultants can find support for technical problems here.


This department deals with the representation of the club and its activities in public. In addition, marketing strategies and merchandise items for club members are designed here.

Human Resources

The HR department maintains the atmosphere of the club and looks after its members. Here, the membership database is created and maintained, internal events are organized and the alumni network is managed.

Our competences

We offer unbiased approaches and solutions and a fresh, young view from the outside – tailored to your problem. Our interdisciplinary project teams work with you to develop versatile individual solutions in the following areas of expertise.

Projects each semester
Finished projects

Executive Board

in the summer semester 2023

The executive board of ESB Student Consulting e. V. comprises four board positions. The external presentation of the association as well as internal communication in the form of events, workshops and excursions, fall this year under the responsibility of the chairman of the board. The board member for Finance & Legal assumes the position of Vice-Chairman and takes care of all financial or legal matters. Our board member for Lead and Account Management assumes the acquisition of all new projects as well as the staffing. The board member for Business Improvement & IT is responsible for process and knowledge management as well as the continuous development of the association and ensures the proper functionality of the IT infrastructure.

We are happy to consult you!