We offer unbiased thinking and approaches and a fresh, young view from the outside – tailored to your problem. Our interdisciplinary project teams work with you to develop versatile individual solutions in the following areas of expertise


To be successful in the market in the long term, companies and organizations need a sound information base and target group-oriented marketing and sales strategies that take into account both megatrends and customer needs.

We offer you specially tailored market, customer, and competition analyses with direct implications for your market presence. We also support you, for example, in the planning and implementation of creative marketing concepts or the development of new markets and target groups.


Companies and organizations in all industries must respond to growing demands regarding all aspects of sustainability in order to remain competitive in the long term and contribute to a sustainable future by assuming social responsibility. As a pro bono association, this topic is particularly important to us.
We support you with our future-oriented and practical perspective and, for example, analyze your value chain together with you for sustainability potentials or develop an individual sustainability concept for your company.

Strategy & Organization

In a dynamic market and competitive environment, the right strategic positioning and the design of a flexible organizational structure are crucial.
We support you in the analysis and development of suitable strategic options for action and assist you in organizational and business model development.

Business Development

The business model is the main pillar of any company's success. With the constant change of political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal circumstances, every business model requires adaptation.
Through comprehensive analyses, we help you to further develop your business model. We provide the relevant information to support your decision. In addition, we show alternatives for your existing business model and explain risks as well as opportunities.


Low inventories, short processing times, and low costs in logistics are important levers for corporate success. As a result of digitization, companies must now also increasingly respond to new requirements in intra- and transport logistics processes.
We create a state-of-the-art logistics concept for you, which brings your right product in the right quantity to the right place at the right time. If you already have a logistics concept, we can analyze your logistics value chain and identify potential improvements or help you implement one of your improvement proposals.


What good is the best product if it doesn't find its way onto the market? Especially in the B2B sector, companies should know their customers and work continuously on customer acquisition. But customer focus is also crucial in the B2C sector in order to be successful in the long term.
We help you in your respective development phase and identify target customers when entering an existing, new or international market. We also assist you with a communication concept and thus help you to enter new markets and target groups.

Customized solutions

You do not find yourself in any of our fields of competence and have a current challenge in another area? Our project teams are always put together individually and specifically for your task.
We are happy to develop custom-fit solutions for your challenges – we think outside of the box.
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