What we offer

Soft Skills

As a member, we offer you numerous continuing education opportunities that will help you stand out from other students. You can benefit from numerous workshops with external, large consulting companies. Soft skills such as presentation techniques or rhetoric are taught, but also practical case studies are conducted.


The ESB Student Consulting e. V. comprises about 100 members of the different faculties of Reutlingen University, which gives you the opportunity to establish contacts beyond your field of study. Our association also enables you to build up and expand your network by providing you with contacts to interesting national or international corporate partners.

Personal Development

Through the diverse project or departmental work, you will have the opportunity to constantly master new challenges and gain initial insights into working in companies in the various projects. This high degree of practical relevance distinguishes you from your fellow students and forms a highly valued experience for potential employers.

Workshops with our Partners

Our Values

Our Requirements

Every semester we are looking for new, committed students who would like to support us in our student consultancy.

If you meet the following characteristics, ESB Student Consulting e. V. is the right choice for you:

  • Students: enrolled at Reutlingen University, regardless of field of study
  • Responsibilty: We are responsible for real, important projects with external partners. Our work is characterized by a high degree of responsibility, which is why a willingness to take responsibility is indispensable for working in our association.
  • Engagement: Without the motivation and initiative of our members, the projects would not be feasible. Therefore, we expect a high level of commitment from our members in order to be able to meet the expectations of the project partners to their fullest satisfaction.
  • Time availability: Although the work in our association is voluntary, we expect our members to keep a certain amount of time free per week for the work in the association. How much work you can do depends on your project or department. In general, we recommend that you plan about 4 to 8 hours per week for your involvement in Student Consulting.

If you are interested in a board position, you should contact the current board already one semester before and inform yourself about the respective tasks. It is essential that you have already been a member of ESB Student Consulting e.V. for one semester and have gained first experiences in the association, ideally as a project or department manager. After you have finally decided to run for the board, you will be introduced to the members at the general meeting. These members then elect the new board for the next semester according to the majority principle.

An application for a project or department management is always possible at the beginning of a semester. If you press the button below, you will find a few short questions about yourself, your desired project or department, as well as the opportunity to tell us about your motivation for the specific leadership position and upload your resume.

An application as a project or department member is always possible at the beginning of a semester. We recommend attending the kick-off event of the ESB Student Consulting at Reutlingen University, where you will be provided with all important information about the projects and departments. If you press the button below, you will find a few short questions about yourself, your motivation and your desired project or department. You can assign three priorities each, but please note that we cannot always meet all requests.

What our members value about us

FAQ for Students

Do I have to study at ESB to become a member of ESB Student Consulting e. V.?

No, you don’t have to. We welcome students from all faculties at Reutlingen University.

Can I apply even though I am only in my first semester?

Sure. There is no restriction on the semester or program of study.

What is the amount of work involved?

This depends on which tasks are currently pending, or in which phase the internal or external project is currently in. In general, however, you can expect a workload of 4 to 8 hours per week.

Can I only apply online?

Yes. To make the application process as simple and smooth as possible, you can only apply for all positions online via our application form. However, this will only be unlocked when the application period is open.

Can I apply for more than one project?

While filling out the application form, you can specify up to three of your favorites.

Can I mix a selection of projects and departments in my application?

Yes you can. Only if you are applying for a ressort or project lead position, only one selection is possible.

How many members are in a team?

The number of members depends on the respective department or the scope of the project. Usually, there are about 5 to 8 people.

How many people manage a project?

Each project is managed by two project leaders.

Can you give me some advice for a successful application?

It’s best to apply for the project or department that matches your personal interests and skills.

What happens if I can't attend the kick-off?

You can still apply for any position. The only requirement is that we receive your application by the deadline.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. There is a small contribution of 10€ to be paid at the beginning for the whole semester.

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