What is a student consultancy actually and what are the advantages for companies when they hire a student consultancy?? 

The origin of the format of students advising companies comes from France. In general, student business consultancies are about students having the opportunity to apply theory from their studies in practice by carrying out projects for non-profit organizations, start-ups as well as established business enterprises.


ESB Student Consulting e.V.

Student consultants of the ESB Student Consulting e.V. even follow the „pro bono“ approach, which means that the students work altruistically for the interest of the common good.

This means that our student consultants are not under cost or competitive pressure. The complete commitment of the student consultants is used to focus on the essential elements of consulting, to develop ideas or solutions that can compete with for-profit consulting firms.

By volunteering, students gain the opportunity to develop professionally. If they wish to take on more responsibility, they are even offered the chance to assume management responsibility while still at university. The freshly learned approaches from their studies are combined with the typical aspects of the job description, such as independent and responsible work and the development of social skills.


These unique selling points offer companies a special kind of cooperation. This win-win situation also gives companies exclusive access to creative and motivated junior staff. The value creation from the cooperation is thus sustainable and can be used over the period of the project if there is mutual interest.