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For which organizations does ESB Student Consulting e. V. work on projects?

We work with social institutions, associations, initiatives and companies of all sizes (start-ups, SMEs and global players). Thereby, we are interested in an interesting mix every semester.

How much does it cost to work with ESB Student Consulting e. V.?

We work exclusively „pro bono“, i.e. on a voluntary basis. We do not accept any fees, but only allow ourselves to be reimbursed for costs incurred during the project work (e.g. material or travel costs). We always clarify these in advance. Furthermore, we are of course happy about your donation after the successful completion of the project.

What is the usual scope of projects?

Our project teams consist of 5-7 consultants + 2 project managers. We estimate a total project time of about 400 hours over the whole period of the project.

Which questions can be dealt with by ESB Student Consulting e. V.?

Basically, we combine the most diverse perspectives and competencies in our association. The focus is on business management topics with a focus on sustainability and market research. For more information please check our competence portfolio.

How does ESB Student Consulting e. V. ensure that necessary competencies are available for a project?

Our consultants and project managers apply specifically for individual projects each semester. In this way, we combine suitable competencies with maximum motivation.

In what period of time can a project be processed?

We work on projects during the semester periods. Therefore, you have 2 options every year: Either between March and July or between October and January.

When can I contact ESB Student Consulting e. V. regarding a project request?

Of course, a request is possible throughout the year. The selection of projects for the upcoming semester takes place in July (for the winter semester) and in December (for the summer semester). Therefore, please contact us in time for project selection in case of short-term demand.

Does my organization have to be a certain size for a project to be processed?

No. The focus is on the further development of our members through exciting and challenging projects, regardless of size. For this, we expect appropriate support from our project partners.

Are there any tasks that are not dealt with by ESB Student Consulting e. V.?

We only work on projects that are in line with the mission and values of our association. Please contact us for detailed information.

How does ESB Student Consulting e. V. handle confidential information?

A non-disclosure agreement is integrated in the project contract. In addition, all our members have been subject to a confidentiality agreement since joining ESB Student Consulting e.V.. Confidential information which is often necessary for project management will therefore not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances.